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Our Story

In India, being the second most consumed beverage after water, Chai is more than just a kick-start to the day. It is a drink that finely tunes the harmony of life. Despite being India’s favorite drink, our beloved Chai was yet to find its rightful place since entrepreneurs have only managed to diversify into café’s that serve coffee.

The idea that Tamil Nadu is the “Land of coffee”, has overshadowed the love of millions for a good cup of Chai.

Our founder, Mr. Vidur Maheshwari, a young and dynamic entrepreneur who hails from a business family graduated in B.Sc. Business Management from King’s College London, UK and has worked with officials from Harvard University, USA. He discovered this opportunity and launched “Chai Waale”, a Chai haven to elevate the experience for ardent Chai fans around the city.



To be a leading hotspot for Chai Lovers around the city and further expand around the country, serving Chai, snacks & other classic beverages of the utmost hygienic standard with affordable pricing.



To enhance the experience for Chai Lovers by delivering excellent quality chai to keep them inspired and spread pure joy with every cup.

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