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Welcome to Ganga Sweets

Wide Variety of Sweets and delicacies from our own farm
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Mouthwatering & Tongue tingling sweets at an affordable price

In India, be it a childbirth/ marriage/ any festival sweet take up an integral part in the celebration, as the Sweets & Savoury adds a special touch for any occasion. We are trying to make every occasion a memorable one for all our customers with the top class sweets and savouries made by us with love and care. We have been preparing sweets from generation to generations in the traditional method, giving cleanliness the top preference. We work with the passion in the heart to create an authentic and inimitable tasting sweet for our customers. So the next time you get the urge to eat, make sure it is from us.

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40+ Years of Excellence

We are serving our customers for more than a century with the ultimate aim of satisfying their taste buds.

Built with customer's trust

We have been in the business for a long time now, this is possible only with the help of  trust and support our customers.

Made with Love & Care

We make each & every sweet & savoury with love & care, for our customers should feel happy while tasting.


About Us

Chennai's finest and an exotic array of pure ghee sweets can be truly enjoyed in Ganga Sweets. Specialized in offering an extensive range of delectable sweets varieties never fails to tempt every palate. We offer you an extensive assortment of sweets that make your special occasions more happier. Ganga Sweets is a house for exclusive and delicious pure ghee sweets.Endowed with more than 37 outlets in various corners of Chennai city, we are always committed towards delighting our clients with best quality sweets that purly fresh, hygienic and of-course, matchless taste where no one could eat just one!

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The Secret Ingredient

With the eminent masters from nook and corner of India, we prepare authentic sweets and savoury for every occasion in the traditional method, so our sweets provide a traditional taste in every bite.

The centralized clean & hygiene Kitchen with advanced and modern facilities, with advanced and modern facilities. Our employees work meticulously from dawn to night, to organize every activity of the organization.

Purchaser Gratifaction

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We believe that our customers are our pillars, and we are always striving hard to satisfy our customers with consistent quality and taste. With the decade of consistent performance, we

have now become the household name for all our customers.


Our sweets give such a taste that not only our Indian consumers but also the Indian community living abroad, prefer and call us to send our sweets through whoever goes to meet them.



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